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Draught animals

Lhoste P., Havard M., Vall E., Smith A.J.. 2013. Londres : Macmillan Education, CTA, 160 p.. (The Tropical Agriculturalist).

Présentation de l'éditeur : There are more than 400 million draught animals in the world. They significantly improve working conditions on smallholdings, provide for greater efficiency and productivity, and increase agricultural output. In less developed countries, much of the energy used to till the soil is provided by human manual labour. Animals complement other power sources. Draught animals are of considerable benefit as a source of appropriate renewable energy in a world in which fuel prices continue to rise. Animal power for agriculture and transport can contribute directly to poverty elimination and wealth creation. Animal traction is increasing and diversifying in many countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific, providing increasing opportunities for environmentally friendly economic development. This book reviews and builds upon previous experience and presents many long-standing and well-proven technologies. It also includes analyses of recent experiences relating to agricultural extension, animal welfare and non-governmental organisation (NGO) activities. It covers types of working animals, training, nutrition, welfare, housing and health, with detailed practical advice on harnesses and yokes, agricultural implements and modes of transport. It also deals with using working animals for soil management and the wider benefits associated with draught animals. Contents: 1. Working animals in the world. 2. Types of working animals. 3. Training working animals. 4. Nutrition for working animals. 5. The welfare, housing and health of working animals. 6. Harnesses and yokes. 7. Agricultural implements and modes of transport. 8. Working animals and soil management. 9. Wider benefits associated with working animals. 10. Making the best use of working animals in the future. Glossary. Bibliography

Mots-clés : gestion du sol; matériel de travail du sol; travail du sol; attelage; nutrition animale; Énergie animale; animal de travail; animal de trait; afrique au sud du sahara; monde; traction animale

Thématique : Elevage - Considérations générales; Façons culturales; Ressources énergétiques et leur gestion; Machines et matériels agricoles


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