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Antifungal properties of lipophilized green coffee chlorogenic acid

Alonso Campos A., Suárez-Quiroz M., Valerio Alfaro G., Villeneuve P., Figueroa-Espinoza M.C., Gonzalez-Rios O.. 2013. In : Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Coffee Science, San José, Costa Rica, 12th-16th November 2012. Paris : ASIC, p. 380-384. International Conference on Coffee Science. 24, 2012-11-11/2012-11-16, San José (Costa Rica).

Chlorogenic acid (CGA) extracted from Mexican green coffee beans (Coffea arabica) was esterified to alcohols of different chain length (methanol, butanol, octanol, and dodecanol). CGA and lipophilized CGA (L-CGA) antifungal activities were tested on five toxigenic moulds from the Aspergillus genus (A. flavus, A. nomius, A. ochraceus, A. parasiticus, and A. westerdijkiae) using the microdilution method and the minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC50 and MIC90) were determined. All molecules presented antifungal activity, however, only dodecyl chlorogenate and octyl chlorogenate showed a MIC50 for all fungi. Octyl chlorogenate had a MIC90 for A. flavus, A. parasiticus, and A. nomius. Lipophilization improves hydrophobicity of CGA resulting in amphiphilic molecules with antifungal properties.

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