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GlobAllomeTree: International platform for tree allometric equations to support volume, biomass and carbon assessment

Henry M., Bombelli A., Trotta C., Alessandrini A., Birigazzi L., Sola G., Vieilledent G., Santenoise P., Longuetaud F., Valentini R., Picard N., Saint André L.. 2013. Iforest, 6 : p. 326-330.

DOI: 10.3832/ifor0901-006

obAllomeTree is an international platform for tree allometric equations. It is the first worldwide web platform designed to facilitate the access of the tree allometric equation and to facilitate the assessment of the tree biometric characteristics for commercial volume, bio-energy or carbon cycling. The webplatform presents a database containing tree allometric equations, a software called Fantallomatrik, to facilitate the comparison and selection of the equations, and documentation to facilitate the development of new tree allometric models, improve the evaluation of tree and forest resources and improve knowledge on tree allometric equations. In the Fantallometrik software, equations can be selected by country, ecological zones, input parameters, tree species, statistic parameters and outputs. The continuously updated database currently contains over 5000 tree allometric equations classified according to 73 fields. The software Fantallometrik can be also used to compare equations, insert new data and estimate the selected output variables using field inventory. The GlobAllomeTree products are freely available at the URL: ? for a range of users including foresters, project developers, scientist, student and government staff.

Mots-clés : forêt; ressource forestière; biomasse; cycle du carbone; arbre forestier; dendrométrie; biométrie; croissance; modèle mathématique; banque de données; logiciel; allométrie; equation; cubage

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