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A more reliable biological method to assess fungicide resistance in Mycosphaerella fijiensis

Ngando Essoh Otto J., Rieux A., Zapater M.F., Mehl A., Ravigné V., Carlier J., De Lapeyre de Bellaire L.. 2013. In : eds. Borges A.L. , Lichtemberg L. Proceedings of the 20th international meeting ACORBAT: 40 years sharing science and technology, Fortaleza, Brazil, 9-13 september 2013. s.l. : s.n., p. 287-287. Reunion internacional ACORBAT 2013. 20, 2013-09-09/2013-09-13, Fortaleza (Brésil).

A method for the routine monitoring of resistance based on the germination of conidia from young lesions in black sigatoka disease (BLSD) has been studied.The validity of germination tests for conidia to perform routine monitoring was first demonstrated taking into account on one hand the low variation (18%) of genetic diversity between conidia from the same lesion. On the other hand the close link between the germination phenotypes and E198A mutation resistance to antimitotic was established, link difficult to establish for G143A mutation resistance to QoI. The implementation of the germination tests has reveal more precision because conidia of the same lesion were compared on different fungicide media and the vertical structure of resistance on banana has deduce the choice of sampling. Moreover, the analysis of sub samples from the primary sample of conidia showed small changes in resistance over ascospores used in the reference method.

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