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Cabaré: Caribbean network for the prevention and sustainable control of emerging diseases of banana

Teycheney P.Y., Pérez Vicente L., Javer Higginson E., Goméz Kosky R., Folgueras Montiel M., Morales Romero L., Teresa Martinez R., Renfingo D., Lescot T., Carlier J., Abadie C.. 2013. In : eds. Borges A.L. , Lichtemberg L. Proceedings of the 20th international meeting ACORBAT: 40 years sharing science and technology, Fortaleza, Brazil, 9-13 september 2013. s.l. : s.n., p. 265-265. Reunion internacional ACORBAT 2013. 20, 2013-09-09/2013-09-13, Fortaleza (Brésil).

CABARÉ is a collaborative project funded by the European Union through its Interreg IV program and the Préfecture de Guadeloupe through its regional cooperation fundi ng program. This 4 year project started in 2011. It is primarily focused on the prevention and sustainable control of Black Sigatoka and Banana streak viruses. Although research activities of the project involve 5 research institutes from Cuba (INISAV, IBP, INIVIT), the Dominican Republic (IDIAF) and France (CIRAD), the project will benefit the whole Caribbean region.

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