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Ultrasonic evaluation of coconut water shear viscosity

Laux D., Gibert O., Ferrandis J.Y., Valente M., Prades A.. 2014. Journal of Food Engineering, 126 : p. 62-64.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2013.11.007

Longitudinal viscosity of coconut water with soluble solids content (SSC) between 7 and 60 °Brix has been assessed using a high frequency ultrasonic method which consists in measuring the ultrasonic velocity and attenuation of longitudinal waves. These measurements have been linearly correlated with those obtained with flow tests performed with a rheometer. Thanks to their non destructive character, and to the fact that ultrasound can propagate through tubes and pipes, this ultrasonic approach and the linear relation proposed are recommended for in line measurements during coconut water processing.

Mots-clés : eau de coco; viscosité; ultrason; mesure; testage non destructif

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