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Natural resources endowment, local development process and climate change adaptation: a case studie in two Cantons of Costa Rica

Saenz-Segura F., Merino M., Le Coq J.F.. 2013. In : CATIE. VII Henry A. Wallace Inter-American Scientific Conference, 40° Aniversario Territorios Climaticamente Inteligentes en el Tropico, 30 de setiembre 04 de octubre, 2013, Turrialba, Costa Rica. s.l. : s.n., 1 p.. Henry A. Wallace Inter-American Scientific Conference. 7, 2013-09-30/2013-10-04, Turrialba (Costa Rica).

Climate change adaptation is an important issue for territories. Defining the factors that explain the capacity of territories to cope with climate change while achieving local development adaptation is necessary to learn from experiences and facilitate direct and crossed learning process inside and between territories. We explore the reason why territories may not implement successful dynamics and development, while having important amount of resources. Adapting the capitals framework approach, we compare two neighboring cantons, Hojancha and Nicoya, both with similar high amount of ressources endowment but with different pattern of development. We found a successful integration of all capitals by social actors in Hojancha, with a reverted degradation of natural resources over the last 30 years, a fairly provision of ecosystem services enabled productive activities and a general social wellfare. A successful integration of social, human (actors' participation), political (leaderships and networks) and cultural (values) capitals, in special, has allowed overcoming outdated views of development and adopting a long term new view of the future, that give the territory capacity to cope with climate change. In Nicoya, we found a lower integration of all different capitals by local actors. In spite a large natural resource endowment, the poor integration of social, human, political and cultural values, result in a slower reaction to external and internal challenges, and lower capacities to face climate change issue. We conclude that climate change adaptation and local development is determined not only by the availability of the natural resource endowment but also by a good articulation amongst human, social, political and cultural capitals. The formulation of a localy shared and integral long term view of the territorial development is a key factor adapting to climate change that could be promote also by any policy for local development.

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