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Regulation of galactomannan biosynthesis in coffee seeds

Joët T., Laffargue A., Salmona J., Doulbeau S., Descroix F., Bertrand B., Lashermes P., Dussert S.. 2014. Journal of Experimental Botany, 65 (1) : p. 323-337.

The seed of Coffea arabica accumulates large amounts of cell wall storage polysaccharides (CWSPs) of the mannan family in the cell walls of the endosperm. The variability induced by the growing environment and extensive pairwise correlation analysis with stringent significance thresholds was used to investigate transcript-transcript and transcript-metabolite relationships among 26 sugar-related genes, and the amount of CWSPs and seven soluble low molecular weight carbohydrates in the developing coffee endosperm. A dense module of nine quantitatively co-expressed genes was detected at the mid-developmental stage when CWSPs accumulate. This module included the five genes of the core galactomannan synthetic machinery, namely genes coding for the enzymes needed to assemble the mannan backbone (mannan synthase, ManS), and genes that introduce the galactosyl side chains (galactosyltransferase, GMGT), modulate the post-depositional degree of galactose substitution (?-galactosidase), and produce the nucleotide sugar building blocks GDP-mannose and UDP-galactose (mannose-1P guanyltransferase and UDP-glucose 4'-epimerase, respectively). The amount of CWSPs stored in the endosperm at the onset of their accumulation was primarily and quantitatively modulated at the transcriptional level (i.e. positively correlated with the expression level of these key galactomannan biosynthetic genes). This analysis also suggests a role for sorbitol and raffinose family oligosaccharides as transient auxiliary sources of building blocks for galactomannan synthesis. Finally, a microarray-based analysis of the developing seed transcriptome revealed that all genes of the core galactomannan synthesis machinery grouped in a single cluster of 209 co-expressed genes. Analysis of the gene composition of this cluster revealed remarkable functional coherence and identified transcription factors that putatively control galactomannan biosynthesis in coffee. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : métabolisme des glucides; transcription; expression des gènes; endosperme; biosynthèse; mannane; remplissage du grain; graine; coffea arabica; réunion

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Physiologie et biochimie végétales

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