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Occurrence, prevalence and molecular diversity of banana streak viruses in Cuba

Javer-Higginson E., Acina Manbole I.N., González J.E., Font C., Gonzalez G., Echemendia A.L., Muller E., Teycheney P.Y.. 2014. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 138 (1) : p. 157-166.

DOI: 10.1007/s10658-013-0319-z

Banana streak viruses (BSV) belong to the genus Badnavirus of the family Caulimoviridae. They cause banana streak disease on banana and plantains worldwide. The recent detection of BSV in Cuba has prompted a nationwide research effort focused on the occurrence, prevalence and diversity of BSV species on dessert type banana on the island. Indexing by multiplex immunocapture-PCR (M-IC-PCR) performed on samples collected throughout the country showed that the overall prevalence of Banana streak OL virus, Banana streak GF virus and Banana streak IM virus is low in Musa acuminata genotypes in Cuba. However, the prevalence of BSV species Mysore (BSMYV) was surprisingly high in samples of cv Yangambi km5 collected from distinct and distant locations. The presence in Cuba of an as yet unreported BSV species was also investigated, showing that Banana steak VN virus is also present in Musa acuminata genotypes.

Mots-clés : musa; virus des végétaux; pouvoir pathogène; pcr; dynamique des populations; variation génétique; diagnostic; cuba; badnavirus; banana streak virus

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