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Local food systems in Vietnam: Strengths and opportunities

Dao Thê Anh, Sautier D.. 2011. Extension Bulletin - ASPAC. Food and Fertilizer Technology Center (640) : 26 p.. International Seminar on Strengthening local food systems for small-scale farmers in the Asian and Pacific region, 2011-10-17/2011-10-21, Séoul (Corée, république de).

Local food systems in Vietnam have a long history, reflected by the high number and abundance of traditional local specialty products which are enhanced during wartimes by the necessity of self production. Presently, Vietnamese agriculture comprises about 60% of the total labor force, with small-scale production areas. Agriculture has become much extraverted, and a significant exporter in numerous commodities. Still, in a context of rapid urbanization and sustained economic growth, urban markets are a major driver for agriculture. In 2003, peri-urban agriculture in the Hanoi "green belt" was estimated to represent about 40% of the city's vegetable supply. At the national level, the value of domestic market doubled between 2001 and 2006 and it continues to grow quickly in terms of volume and quality requirements. Surveys show Vietnamese consumers are very sensitive to the origin and traceability of products. These opportunities are being taken advantage of by farmers' organizations in cooperation with private enterprises which develop marketing and processing centers for farm production and strengthening local food systems. This paper discusses the cases of H'mong beef and sticky rice value chains for the domestic market. Finally, these initiatives open the way for more proactive public policy to promote the future of local food systems in Vietnam.

Mots-clés : association d'agriculteurs; agriculture périurbaine; produit alimentaire; marché; circuit de commercialisation; développement durable; petite exploitation agricole; niveau de vie; Étude de cas; riz; viande bovine; système de production; viet nam

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