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Evaluation of candidate systems for mass trapping against Ceratitis spp. on La Réunion island

Peñarrubia M.E., Quilici S., Schmitt C., Escudero-Colomar A.. 2014. Pest Management Science, 70 (3) : p. 448-453.

BACKGROUND Two Ceratitis spp. coexist on the island of La Réunion, Ceratitis rosa (Karsch) and C. capitata (Wiedemann). The effectiveness of candidate systems based on attractants and traps to control both species was evaluated through comparative studies of trap types, attractants, insecticides and commercial complete systems. RESULTS The Ceratitis spp. most captured in all trials was C. rosa. Captures of C. rosa and C. capitata were not significantly different when Maxitrap® or Tephri-trap® were used. Captures with the Easy-trap® were lower for both species. The BioLure® Med Fly lure showed higher catches of C. rosa than Ferag® CC D TM. The proportion of dead C. rosa did not differ significantly when deltamethrin or dichlorvos was used. There were no significant differences in the capture of C. rosa and C. capitata between commercial systems composed of the lure Ferag® CC D TM, the Maxitrap® and dichlorvos and the BioLure® Unipak, the Tephri-trap® and dichlorvos. The Cera Trap® system performed less effectively. CONCLUSION The most effective traps for the capture of C. rosa and C. capitata were Maxitrap® and Tephri-trap®; the most effective attractants were BioLure® Med Fly for C. rosa and BioLure® Med Fly, BioLure® Unipak and Ferag® CC D TM for C. capitata. However, for both species the most effective commercial combinations of trap and attractant were Maxitrap® with Ferag® CC D TM and Tephri-trap® with BioLure® Unipak, both using dichlorvos. The insecticide deltamethrin showed good efficacy when used inside traps. © 2013 Society of Chemical Industry. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : citrus reticulata; attractif; deltaméthrine; insecticide; expérimentation; efficacité d'utilisation; piège; piégeage des animaux; ceratitis capitata; ceratitis; réunion; ceratitis rosa

Thématique : Ravageurs des plantes

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