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Effect of Selenium injection in pregnant camels on selenium status of their new-born and milk

Faye B., Althamma O., Musaad A., Konuspayeva G., Bengoumi M.. 2014. Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, 26 (4) : p. 342-348.

DOI: 10.9755/ejfa.v26i4.17272

The effect of inoculation of selenium solution to pregnant camels was investigated to assess the impact on selenium status of the new-born and on the selenium concentration in milk. In the trial included 2 groups of 8 camels, the treated one receiving a single injection of selenium solution at the end of pregnancy. In blood, no difference was observed between control and treated group before injection. A significant difference was observed at delivery as well in dam (33.3 vs 44.7 ng/mL respectively) as in calf (28.5 vs 47.6 ng/mL respectively). In milk, the selenium was also significantly in higher concentration in treated group (93 ± 49 ng/mL) than in control one (59 ± 19 ng/mL) at the delivery time. Zinc concentration in milk was positively correlated to selenium content. The improvement of selenium status by a single injection was slight and more efficient supplementation ways could be proposed to the camel farmers.

Mots-clés : chameau; selenium; complémentation; lait de chamelle; composition globale; composition du sang; zinc; arabie saoudite

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