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Modeling of mass transfer during hot-smoking of fish fillets

Raffray G., Goli T., Rivier M., Sebastian P., Collignan A.. 2014. Drying Technology, 32 (3) : p. 339-351.

DOI: 10.1080/07373937.2013.829850

This work aims at evaluating the mass reduction of traditionally hot-smoked catfish (Arius heudelotii) during hot-air drying unit operation. Drying kinetics of fish fillets are proposed from experimental investigations, taking into account the relative contributions of water evaporation and water and fat drips. The influence of the air temperature (50 to 80_C), air velocity (1 to 3 m/s) and relative humidity (15 to 40%) on drying rate functions is analyzed from a Doehlert experimental design. Based on the identification of characteristic drying rate curves, a drying model is defined and proves to be quite accurate regarding the prediction of evaporation rate during the falling rate period.

Mots-clés : poisson fumé; filet de poisson; poisson (aliment); arius heudelotii; fumage; séchage par air chaud; transfert de masse; Évaporation; modèle de simulation; perte au cours du traitement; france; sénégal

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