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Development of a portable microarray to identify phylotypes, ecotypes, and emergent subgroups of the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex : Poster 42

Robène-Soustrade I., Arribat S., Aillout F., Barthet J., Maillot V., Prior P., Cellier G.. 2014. In : SFP ; INRA ; CNRS ; IRD ; CIRAD. 11èmes Rencontres Plantes-Bactéries, Aussois, France, 3-7 février 2014. Paris : SFP, p. 120-120. Rencontres plantes-bactéries. 11, 2014-02-03/2014-02-07, Aussois (France).

We describe the development of a microarray to identify the major pathogenic and/or genetic subgroups of Ralstonia solanacearum: selection of target sequences from ail available genomes, PCR screening. spotting and hybridization tests on glass slides (Agilent platform). These steps lead us to select optimized probes, which gave the most in formative signal. The next stage of this strategy will consider the setting up of a more portable microarray system: the Array Tube From Alere Technologies, which allows micro-reactions within a via l, based on the macroarray technology. Several advantages to switch to this techno logy will be presented along with the early first results. (Texte intégral)

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