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State withdrawal and institutional changes in the West-African dairy sector: what prospects for new policy instruments ?

Duteurtre G.. 2011. In : International Seminar on Transformation of the Role of State and New Instruments of Public Action, May 5-6, 2011, Pretoria. s.l. : s.n., 9 p.. International Seminar on Transformation of the Role of State and New Instruments of Public Action, 2011-05-05/2011-05-06, Pretoria (Afrique du Sud).

The ongoing process of State withdrawal in Africa has had a strong impact on the whole sector. After many years of government intervention in the provision of livestock services and market administration, the dairy sectors were privatized and milk markets liberalized throughout the 1990s and 2000s. In this context, a large number of new organizations and institutions have progressively emerged in which government services are often involved in partnership with private actors: milk collection schemes, dairy processing plants, genetic improvement projects, producer associations, inter-professional organizations, quality standards, forums on trade agreements and trade negotiations, etc. Drawing on literature dealing with institutional economics (particularly J. R. Commons' concept of "futurity"), the present study aims at identifying successes achieved and problems arising from such new types of partnership between private and public organizations. The difference in the vision of the future ("what needs to be done") between some of the stakeholders appears to generate quite invasive institutional failures that impair the role of the State in market regulation. In particular, the visions of technical development models, of the role of dairy imports, and of the transformation of rural farming, appear to be very heterogeneous among the various stakeholders. In the future, the type of regulation for dairy markets will depend to a great extent on the capacity of stakeholders to agree on two different development projects for the sector: one based on a modern periurban industry, and another one based on rural small-scale dairy production and marketing systems.

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