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Constraints for studying the management of cereal moth borerswith a landscape approach: A case study in North Benin

Drieu R., Silvie P., Menozzi P., Adda C., Huat J., Auzoux S., Soti V., Goebel F.R.. 2014. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin, 100 : p. 35-39. Meeting on Landscape Management for Functional Biodiversity. 6, 2014-05-21/2014-05-23, Poznan (Pologne).

Landscape ecology is a discipline that has shown an increasing interest to understand certain pest problems and their control by natural enemies in temperate climate. In Benin, in a very different climatic, social and economic context compared to Europe, this approach was carried out in two lowland rice cropping systems during the rainy season, with a specific focus on stem and cob borers. The landscape was mapped and studied regarding its composition and structure and pest species were identified. A high variability of infestation was observed in a context of relatively low pest pressure. This paper presents the preliminary results which still need to be analyzed thoroughly.

Mots-clés : insecte déprédateur des tiges; zea mays; sorghum bicolor; oryza sativa; lutte anti-insecte; Écologie; paysage; cartographie; terre agricole; système d'information géographique; climat tempéré; méthode de lutte; Étude de cas; bénin

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