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Enhancing passage retrieval in log files by query expansion based on explicit and pseudo relevance feedback

Saneifar H., Bonniol S., Poncelet P., Roche M.. 2014. Computers in Industry, 65 (6) : p. 937-951.

Passage retrieval is usually defined as the task of searching for passages which may contain the answer for a given query. While these approaches are very efficient when dealing with texts, applied to log files (i.e. semi-structured data containing both numerical and symbolic information) they usually provide irrelevant or useless results. Nevertheless one appealing way for improving the results could be to consider query expansions that aim at adding automatically or semi-automatically additional information in the query to improve the reliability and accuracy of the returned results. In this paper, we present a new approach for enhancing the relevancy of queries during a passage retrieval in log files. It is based on two relevance feedback steps. In the first one, we determine the explicit relevance feedback by identifying the context of the requested information within a learning process. The second step is a new kind of pseudo relevance feedback. Based on a novel term weighting measure it aims at assigning a weight to terms according to their relatedness to queries. This measure, called TRQ (Term Relatedness to Query), is used to identify the most relevant expansion terms. The main advantage of our approach is that is can be applied both on log files and documents from general domains. Experiments conducted on real data from logs and documents show that our query expansion protocol enables retrieval of relevant passages. (Résumé d'auteur)

Thématique : Méthodes de recherche; Informatique, mathématiques et statistiques

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