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Durabilidade biológica de painéis de eucalipto e resíduo agroindustrial

Belini U.L., Wendt J.G.N., Leite M.K., Filho M.T., Chaix G., Fiorelli J., Savastano H., Thévenon M.F.. 2014. In : Everaldo Pletz, Nubia dos Santos Saad Ferreira, Edna Moura Pinto.. Caderno de resumos : XIV Encontro Brasileiro em Madeiras e em Estruturas de Madeira (EBRAMEM), 28-30 Abril, 2014, Natal, Brésil. Joao Pessoa : Moura Ramos Grafica Editora, p. 77-77. Encontro Brasileiro em Madeiras e em Estruturas de Madeira. 14, 2014-04-28/2014-04-30, Natal (Brésil).

For the final applicability of forest products, there must be complete characterization of technological variables on panels, notably in regard to tests referring to the definition of classes of uses and methods of prevention and the natural termite attack a key test resistance to these purposes. In this context, particleboards from bagasse sugarcane (Saccharum sp) tibers of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus grandis), bonded with two dosages of urea formaldehyde resin (13% and 16 o/o), were examined for biological resistance (bioassays) to termite attack. As a result, it is indicated that the intensity of termites Reticulitermes santonensis level 4, was characterized as severe and that the panels showed no resistance to this attack, imposing the need for the application of protective coating on its surface or adding products. However, the similar attack for all treatments indicated that the increase in the percentage of sugarcane did not result in increased loss of mass of the panels.

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