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The role of input vouchers in modernizing the fresh fruit and vegetable market in Turkey

Lemeilleur S.. 2014. Agricultural Economics, 45 (4) : p. 477-487.

DOI: 10.1111/agec.12100

Contractual arrangements between farmers and traders aiming at providing input/credit in return for output selling have been widely studied in the literature on agricultural economics. Nonetheless, there is one issue, which is barely mentioned in the literature: how to enforce the contract terms when traders offer credit in cash rather than input advances? This article aims to describe an innovation in farming contracts, used by fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Turkey, which involves a kind of private voucher system. Drawing on original data collected from wholesalers-a segment in the supply chain hardly covered in the literature-we investigate the factors determining contract adoption using a two-limit Tobit model. Our results suggest that this private voucher system contributes to supply chain coordination and facilitates smallholder farmer participation in export and supermarket channels, which are growing rapidly in this developing country.

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