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Perfil de densidade do lenho utilizando métodos radiográficos

Surdi P.G., Bortoletto Júnior G., Resende de Castro V., Ferreira de Almeida N., Farinassi Mendes R., Chaix G., Tomazello Filho M.. 2014. Scientia Forestalis, 42 (102) : p. 229-236.

This study aimed to compare the results of the analysis of the wood density profile of pine trees using the methodologies of X-ray densitometry for direct reading, usually applied in laboratories, and digital X-ray images, which dispenses the radiographic film. In the present study the radial wood samples of 5 Pinus elliottii var elliottii x Pinus caribaea var. hondurensis trees 7 years-10 months were used. The radial wood density profiles obtained by applying the two radiographic methods were similar. However, the methodology of digital X-rays provides additional benefits and qualitative results, greater agility in processing the wood analysis, and is therefore recommended in research that requires the evaluation of the density of a significant number of wood samples of coniferous and hardwoods trees.

Mots-clés : bois; densitométrie; qualité; radiographie; rayon x; pinus elliottii; pinus caribaea; sao paulo

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