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International typology of agricultural holdings : The case of Vietnam

Hoang Vu Quang, Van V.H., Tuong T.V., Khanh P.D., Nguyen M.H., Duteurtre G.. 2014. s.l. : s.n., 38 p..

The typology of agricultural holdings (AHs) aims to characterise different types of production structures and assess their relative importance. The dynamics of these different types allow the transformation of agriculture to be monitored over time to design pertinent support policies for agricultural production units. This paper presents the results of a typology of agricultural holdings in Vietnam that was carried out with a methodology discussed in the WAW initiative. The typology of agricultural households and commercial farms is based on rural household data from the 2010 Vietnamese Household Living Standard Survey (VHLSS) and on commercial farm data from the 2011 Agricultural and Rural Census (ARC). Three variables, capturing (i) the professional qualifications of holding heads (qualifications), (i) the use of family labor in agricultural production (labor), and (iii) the commercialization level of agricultural products (sales), were used for the typology. The statistical method used for the classification was the Partitioning K-mean method. The results suggest that agricultural households and commercial farms in Vietnam can be divided into 5 groups which we propose to name as follows: semi-subsistence household farms (Group 1); market-oriented household farms (Group 3), medium commercial farms (Group 5), large commercial farms (Group 2) and very large commercial farms (Group 4). The groups have clearly different characteristics that confirm the pertinence of the 3 variables used in the typology exercise. Our work demonstrates the importance of large commercial farms in the current transformation of Vietnamese agriculture. However, household farms (Group 1 and Group 3) still constitute around 99% of the 10.4 million rural households in the country.

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