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Modeling information sharing in animal health surveillance with social network analysis

Delabouglise A., Dao T.H., Nguyen T.T., Vu D.T., Nguyen V.K., Duboz R., Antoine-Moussiaux N., Salem G., Peyre M.I.. 2014. In : Proceedings ICAHS - 2nd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance " Surveillance against the odds", The Havana, Cuba, 7-9 May 2014. s.l. : s.n., p. 186-188. International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance. 2, 2014-05-07/2014-05-09, La Havane (Cuba).

The evaluation of surveillance strategies to detect outbreaks of animal disease has to take into account the circulation of information between private and public actors of animal production and diseases management. This study introduces the use of the network paradigm in order to evaluate those information-sharing networks. Data were collected using either participatory approaches or structured questionnaires. Individuals were selected either by random or snowball sampling. Two types of networks were developed either based on individuals or group of actors. These methods provide complementary results enabling to identify the different groups of actors who play the most central role in animal health information gathering and diffusion to other groups. The use of participatory approaches and snowball sampling allows identifying categories of actors that were not defined a priori to play an important role in the network. Local private input suppliers play the most important role in relaying the information to the different private groups of actors. Technical teams of feed companies show a high capacity of gathering information. The actors involved in this private network share the common interest of protecting the poultry production sector.

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