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Acesso aos mercados para a agricultura familiar: uma leitura pela reciprocidade e a economia solidaria

Sabourin E.. 2014. Revista Econômica do Nordeste, 45 (Spec.) : 13 p..

The article deals with the marketing of family farmers agricultural products from a reflection about the interactions between practices and logics of market exchange on one side and practices of reciprocity on the other. The paper, examines how farmers' organizations and public policies can dialogue and operationalize solutions around marketing, in particular through actions often referred as solidarity economy. The text has two parts. The first brings some elements of the Brazilian context and about the theoretical framework of solidarity economy and fair trade. The second part offers a reflection on the role of family farming organization to implement articulation forms between economy of reciprocity and exchange economy. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : commercialisation; produit agricole; petite exploitation agricole; exploitation agricole familiale; groupe d'intérêt; système de valeurs; sociologie; comportement social; troc; certification; marché; politique agricole; organisation paysanne; brésil; commerce équitable; politique publique

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