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Innovating with rural stakeholders in the developing word : action research in partnership

Faure G. (ed.), Gasselin P. (ed.), Triomphe B. (ed.), Temple L. (ed.), Hocdé H. (ed.). 2014. Wageningen : CTA; Ed. Quae, 224 p..

Présentation de l'éditeur : Action research in partnership combines knowledge production, transformation of social realities and the building up of individual and collective skills. This book provides the foundation for understanding the theoretical background to action research in partnership in the field of agriculture and putting it into practice. The key intermediate steps and milestones of the approach are presented and discussed. The initial step - defining the problem and structuring the team that brings together all stakeholders - is crucial to the success of subsequent activities. The processes and methods that allow all stakeholders to be actively involved in the design, planning, monitoring and evaluation of results are described, as are those related to assessing the relevance of the results in terms of knowledge produced, capacity building of the actors or problem solving. The book draws on a wide range of experiences in agriculture and rural development in developing countries, and especially in Africa and Latin America. Together, they illustrate how practitioners have responded to the challenges of implementing an approach that has to be tailored and finetuned to the specificities of each situation. This book is intended for researchers and professionals working in the field of rural development. Representatives of rural and farmers¿ organizations in developing countries, often dealing with complex development challenges, will also find it useful. Contents: Part 1: Foundations of action research in partnership. Part 2: First steps to an action research in partnership. Part 3: Making action research in partnership work. Part 4: Results and monitoring/evaluation. Part 5: Operational considerations

Mots-clés : méthodologie; recherche agronomique; innovation; pays en développement; scientifique; paysannerie; partenariat; approches participatives; amériques; afrique; recherche-action; recherche participative

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