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Prospecting sugarcane resistance to Sugarcane yellow leaf virus by genome-wide association

Débibakas S., Rocher S., Garsmeur O., Toubi L., Roques D., D'Hont A., Hoarau J.Y., Daugrois J.H.. 2014. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 127 (8) : p. 1719-1732.

DOI: 10.1007/s00122-014-2334-7

Yellow leaf of sugarcane is an emerging viral disease whose causal agent is a Polerovirus, the Sugarcane yellow leaf virus (SCYLV) transmitted by aphids. To identify quantitative trait loci controlling resistance to yellow leaf which are of direct relevance for breeding, we undertook a genome-wide association study (GWAS) on a sugarcane cultivar panel (n = 189) representative of current breeding germplasm. This panel was fingerprinted with 3,949 polymorphic markers (DArT and AFLP). The panel was phenotyped for SCYLV infection in leaves and stalks in two trials for two crop cycles, under natural disease pressure prevalent in Guadeloupe. Mixed linear models including co-factors representing population structure fixed effects and pairwise kinship random effects provided an efficient control of the risk of inflated type-I error at a genome-wide level. Six independent markers were significantly detected in association with SCYLV resistance phenotype. These markers explained individually between 9 and 14 % of the disease variation of the cultivar panel. Their frequency in the panel was relatively low (8-20 %). Among them, two markers were detected repeatedly across the GWAS exercises based on the different disease resistance parameters. These two markers could be blasted on Sorghum bicolor genome and candidate genes potentially involved in plant-aphid or plant-virus interactions were localized in the vicinity of sorghum homologs of sugarcane markers. Our results illustrate the potential of GWAS approaches to prospect among sugarcane germplasm for accessions likely bearing resistance alleles of significant effect useful in breeding programs.

Mots-clés : saccharum officinarum; résistance aux maladies; résistance génétique; marqueur génétique; locus des caractères quantitatifs; virus des végétaux; génie génétique; variété; phénotype; guadeloupe; france; sugarcane yellow leaf virus; qtl

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