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Ecosystem services in local development process: a case study in two cantons of Costa Rica

Saenz-Segura F., Le Coq J.F., Merino M.. 2014. In : Ecosystem Services Partnership. 7th Annual ESP Conference 2014: Local action for the common good: session ES and institutions: looking beyond PES scheme attraction, San Jose, Costa Rica, 8-12 September 2014. s.l. : s.n., 1 p.. Annual ESP Conference. 7, 2014-09-08/2014-09-12, San José (Costa Rica).

Climate change (CC) adaptation is an important issue for territories. Dealing with CC asks not only for the preservation or enhancement of Ecosystem Services, but also for an appropriate combination of capitals at territory level. By adapting the capitals framework approach with the Ecosystem services (ES) concept, we explore the reason why territories implement or not a certain development dynamics, while having important amount of resources. We compare two neighboring cantons, Hojancha and Nicoya, both with similar high amount of resources endowment but with different pattern of development. Whereas in Hojancha a successful integration of all capitals by social actors allowed to revert natural resources degradation and to restore ES provision that enable productive activities and general social welfare improvement, in Nicoya, the poor integration of social, human, political and cultural values resulted in a slower reaction to external and internal challenges and lower capacities to face climate change issue. We conclude that achieving ES restoration enabling climate change adaptation while promoting local development is determined not only by the availability of the natural resource endowment but also by a good articulation amongst human, social, political and cultural capitals. (Texte intégral)

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