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Pass the salt please! From a review to a theorical framework for integrating salinization impacts in food LCA

Payen S., Basset-Mens C., Follain S., Grünberger O., Marlet S., Nunez M., Perret S.. 2014. In : Schenck Rita (ed.), Huizenga Douglas (ed.). Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-Food Sector (LCA Food 2014). San Francisco : American Center for Life Cycle Assessment, p. 953-963. International Conference on Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-Food Sector. 9, 2014-10-08/2014-10-10, San Francisco (Etats-Unis).

Food LCA should include salinization. Salinization is a threat not only to arable land but also to freshwater resources. Nevertheless, salinization impacts have been rarely and partially included in LCA so far. First, a comprehensive overview of salinization mechanisms is presented and highlights its multiple causes, which affect soil and water, and ultimately human health, ecosystems and resources. Second, adopting the ILCD analysis grid, we analyzed the scientific relevance and accuracy of existing published methods addressing salinization in LCA. Although interesting, these seminal approaches are often incomplete with regards to both the salinization pathways they cover and their geographical validity. Third, we analyzed how to consistently integrate salinization within the methodological frameworks for impacts modeling in LCA, and raised questions to address towards a comprehensive integration of salinization.

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