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Effect of water availability on the radial profile of wood density by X-ray densitometry for Eucalyptus grandis, at 36 months old in Brazil

De Castro V.R., Surdi P.G., Laclau J.P., Tommasiello Filho M., Chaix G.. 2014. International Forestry Review, 16 (5) : p. 435-436. International Union of Forest Research Organization World Congress. 24, 2014-10-05/2014-10-11, Salt Lake City (Etats-Unis).

The x-ray densitometry is a classic methodology to analyze tree rings and obtain the radial wood density profi le as well as the intra- and inter-annual tree-rings density variation. The wood densitometric profi le can be applied to studies related to wood quality of trees, genetic studies, and management practices. In this study, the x-ray equipment LX-60 (Faxitron) was used in the wood samples diametric in 48 trees of Eucalyptus grandis at two water regimes (100% of rain and 66% of rain). The hydric regime with exclusion of rain (66% of rain) was performed with artifi cial exclusion transparent polyethylene plies covering 34% of the soil surface. The results showed: i) the densitometric profi le from pith to bark; ii) limit detection of cambial age at the fi rst and second growth ring, and (iii) there is statistical difference for the density profi le by Tukey statistical test between the two treatments of water regime. These results highlight the importance and effectiveness of the method used here as a methodology for nondestructive characterization of wood according to water drought effects. (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : eucalyptus grandis; densitométrie; rayon x; bois; régime hydrique du sol; stress dû à la sécheresse; testage non destructif; brésil

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