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Morphometric variations of banana starches issued from various genomic groups and In vitro starch digestibility

Gibert O., Alemán S., Guzman R., Raymundez M., Laurentin A., Manzanilla E., Ricci J., Perez E.. 2014. Enliven: Journal of Dietetics Research and Nutrition, 1 (1) : 8 p..

An analysis of shape and size of the granules of starches isolated from the edible portion of eight unripe banana genotypes was performed. The study aimed at investigating the potential of banana starches as ingredients for industrial purposes. It also aimed at investigating their in vitro digestibility in relation to their morphometric characteristics. The granular size distribution and granular morphometric characteristics were determined by diffraction Laser sizing (LDS), light polarized microscopy (LPM), and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) techniques. Results reveal differences in the starch shape and size without any correlation between the granular profile and the genomic group. Granule shape includes symmetrical and asymmetrical spheres, symmetrical and asymmetrical shell-shapes, tubular-shapes, irregular and ellipsoidal-truncated shapes. Some granules exhibited smooth shapes, whereas others exhibit faceted surfaces. It was also observed some variation in the starch hydrolysis among samples, which was most pronounced in the BB banana starch genotype. The variation of the granular shape and size could be considered as a key for the differentiation of the banana genotypes. Such variation could affect the digestibility of the starches, even gelatinized. Thus, the granular distribution histogram can be used as an indicator of the potential uses of the starch from bananas. Among potential industrial uses, the isolated starch from the BB genotype can be used for paper and cosmetic industry according to its granule small size and uniformity. The other evaluated starches have granular size and shape variations that have to be sorted in relation to their functional properties and how they could affect the process within industrial formulations.

Mots-clés : banane; musa acuminata; musa balbisiana; venezuela (république bolivarienne du)

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