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Resilience and development: progress for human development or for humanitarian governance?

Daviron B., Duffield M., Bene C., Ancey V., Pesche D., Bousquet F.. 2014. In : Resilience and development: mobilising for transformation. Villeurbanne : Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe, p. 535-535. Resilience Alliance 2014, 2014-05-04/2014-05-08, Montpellier (France).

For the last decade, resilience has been becoming a very import concept of the aid industry. For example it is now one of the first objectives of the EU aid policy. The aim of the session is to analyze the meaning and the implications of this new situation for projects and interventions funded and implemented by the public and private aid agencies: Why is resilience currently so fashionable in the aid industry? How is this notion used? What does it change? We would like in particular to clarify the breaks, continuities and deepening compare to the development policies initiated by the colonial administrations, the post-independence developmentist project or the recent poverty alleviation policies. (Texte integral)

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