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Towards a multidimensional assessment grid of smallholders' oil palm plantations: a preliminary proposal from SPOP Project

Baudoin A., Bosc P.M., Bessou C., Moulin M., Wohlfahrt J., Jannot C., Lé K., Rafflegeau S., Marichal R., Caliman J.P.. 2014. In : 4e Conférence Internationale sur le Palmier à Huile et l'Environnement (ICOPE 2014), Kuta, Bali, 12-14 février 2014. s.l. : s.n., p. 1-23. Conférence Internationale sur le Palmier à Huile et l'Environnement. 4, 2014-02-12/2014-02-14, Bali (Indonésie).

This contribution is an intermediate product of the ANR1 research project, SPOP (Sustainable Palm Oil Production). SPOP project aims at providing scientific knowledge on the diverse oil palm cropping systems in Indonesia and Cameroon, and on their social, economic and environmental impacts. This knowledge should help identify best practices, adaptation strategies, and improvement needs towards sustainability. At this stage of the research programme, we first aimed to present the applied methodology and analyse its relevancy in light of the first field data collection. (Résumé d'auteur)

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