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The gyrase inhibitor albicidin consists of p-aminobenzoic acids and cyanoalanine

Cociancich S., Pesic A., Petras D., Uhlmann S., Kretz J., Schubert V., Vieweg L., Duplan S., Marguerettaz M., Noëll J., Pieretti I., Hügelland M., Kemper S., Mainz A., Rott P., Royer M., Süssmuth R.. 2015. Nature Chemical Biology, 11 : p. 195-197.

Albicidin is a potent DNA gyrase inhibitor produced by the sugarcane pathogenic bacterium Xanthomonas albilineans. Here we report the elucidation of the hitherto unknown structure of albicidin, revealing a unique polyaromatic oligopeptide mainly composed of p-aminobenzoic acids. In vitro studies provide further insights into the biosynthetic machinery of albicidin. These findings will enable structural investigations on the inhibition mechanism of albicidin and its assessment as a highly effective antibacterial drug. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : saccharum officinarum; bactéricide; biosynthèse; structure chimique; xanthomonas albilineans; toxine bactérienne; albicidine

Thématique : Autres thèmes; Maladies des plantes

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