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The stability of lutoids in Hevea brasiliensis latex influences the storage hardening of natural rubber

Thepchalerm C., Vaysse L., Wisunthorn Pansook S., Kiatkamjornwong S., Nakason C., Bonfils F.. 2015. Journal of Rubber Research, 18 (1) : p. 17-26.

NR stored for several months becomes progressively harder, a phenomenon called storage hardening affecting the processing properties of NR. The impact of lutoid stability on NR storage hardening was studied. Lutoid stability was determined by a qualitative parameter (lutoid integrity after centrifugation) and by a quantitative parameter (the bursting index or BI). The storage hardening of samples made from washed rubber particles (WRP) was compared to samples made from whole field latex. Lutoid bursting had a significant effect on the storage hardening of NR as shown by a significant correlation between the increase in Wallace plasticity (?P) after an accelerated storage hardening test and the BI of lutoids. The BI test appeared a better indicator of lutoid stability than the qualitative observation of lutoids after centrifugation. It was also shown that the ADS prepared with purified particles have a much lower PRI (70) than the controls ADS prepared with the entire latex (PRI=110).

Mots-clés : hevea brasiliensis; caoutchouc; stabilité; aptitude à la conservation; stockage; durcissement; composé chimique; latex; thaïlande; lutoïde

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