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Is the variability of key wood properties linked with the variability of key architectural traits? Case of planted Teak in Togo regarding thinning and provenance

Tondjo K., Brancheriau L., Sabatier S.A., Kokutse A.D., Akossou A., Kokou K., Fourcaud T.. 2015. Annals of Forest Science, 72 (6) : p. 717-729.

Key message A retrospective architectural analysis performed on planted teaks in Togo showed that the variation of wood radial properties were linked with tree ontogeny, and that these relationships depended on thinning practices and provenance. Context Variability in growth, flowering and forking in individual trees according to origin and/or thinning practices may affect wood structure and consequently impact wood physical properties. We tested this hypothesis in teak. Aims We sought evidence of: (1) origin effects (Togolese versus Tanzanian teak) on growth, flowering, cambial growth and wood properties; (2) thinning effects on these variables and (3) relationships between tree ontogeny and radial variations of wood properties. Methods A retrospective architectural analysis was used to draw stem growth and near infrared spectroscopy to assess radial variations of wood properties. Results Flowering reflects tree vigour and began at an earlier age in Togolese than in Tanzanian provenances. No differences were detected in regards to growth ring surface area, basic density and modulus of elasticity. Both systematic and selective thinnings improved growth without impacting the two latter properties. Stabilization of the growth ring area observed at 4 years old was associated with a decline in stem annual extension with a 1-year time lag. Conclusions Architectural analyses showed that radial growth was linked with tree ontogeny. This method can be extended to subsequent developmental stages, i.e. to older trees with economic interest, and used to determine architectural traits that are useful in tree selection. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : spectroscopie infrarouge; anatomie végétale; floraison; Élagage naturel; provenance; développement biologique; croissance; port de la plante; sylviculture; cerne; densité; Élasticité; propriété physicochimique; propriété technologique; bois; tectona grandis; république-unie de tanzanie; togo; densité du bois

Thématique : Technologie des produits forestiers; Production forestière; Physiologie végétale : croissance et développement; Génétique et amélioration des plantes

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