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Toward improved management of arid and semiarid banded landscapes

Noble J.C., Peltier R., Montagne P., Mahamane E.H.L.. 2001. In : David J. Tongway (ed.), Christian Valentin (ed.), Josiane Seghieri (ed.). Banded vegetation patterning in arid and semiarid environments. New York : Springer [Etats-Unis], p. 210-227. (Analysis and Synthesis).

DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4613-0207-0_11

Regularly patterned vegetation in arid ecosystems has been well documented in diverse regions of the world including northern Mexico (Montaña 1992), Sudan (Wickens and Collier 1971), South Africa (van der Meulen and Morris 1979), and Jordan (White 1969). Such patterning has been attributed primarily to endogenous landscape processes, particularly those relating to redistribution of rainfall (Boaler and Hodge 1962; White 1971; Cornet, Delhoume, and Montana 1988; Greene 1992; Stafford Smith and Pickup 1993; Ludwig, Tongway and Marsden 1994; Ludwig and Tongway 1995; Thiéry, d'Herbès, and Valentin 1995; Tongway and Ludwig 1995; Dunkerley 1997).

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