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ANIMITEX project: image analysis based on textual information

Alatrista-Sala H., Kergosien E., Roche M., Teisseire M.. 2014. In : Lossio-Ventura Juan Antonio (ed.), Alatrista-Salas Hugo (ed.). SIMBig 2014. Information management and big data. Montpellier : CEUR-WS, p. 49-52. (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 1318). Symposium on Information Management and Big Data (SIMBig'14). 1, 2014-09-08/2014-09-10, Cusco (Pérou).

With the amount of textual data available on the web, new methodologies of knowledge ex- traction domain are provided. Some original methods allow the users to combine different types of data in order to extract relevant information. In this context, this paper draws the main objectives of the ANIMITEX project which combines spatial and textual data. The data preprocessing step is detailed.

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