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Assessing climate impacts and adaptation options for cereal systems in West Africa. [K-3330b-01]

Lobell D.B., Guan K., Biasutti M., Baron C., Benjamin S.. 2015. In : Our Common Future under Climate Change. International scientific conference Abstract Book 7-10 July 2015. Paris, France. Paris : CFCC15, p. 595-595. Our Common Future under Climate Change, 2015-07-07/2015-07-10, Paris (France).

Much has been learned in recent years about the nature of climate changes in the West African region, including robust projections of delayed monsoon onset and, in many locations, increased late-season rainfall. t his talk will examine the implications of these changes for crop adaptation strategies. Two process-based crop models ( apsi M and sarra H-H) are used to explore climate change impacts under various management and cultivar scenarios for sorghum, the main crop in the region. Potential adaptation strategies we test include more conservative sowing rules (to reduce risks of early-season drought stress and crop failure), a switch to longer-season varieties (to avoid shortening of the growth period), increased fertilizer rates and planting density (to take advantage of increased late-season rainfall), switching from photo-sensitive to photo-insensitive varieties, and rainwater harvesting to provide supplemental irrigation. t he results are analyzed in terms of effects on both average and variability of yields, with the goal being to identify strategies that will very likely reduce negative impacts of climate trends on average and/or variability of yields, while not sacrificing performance in the current climate. s uch strategies could then be promoted as adaptation priorities in the region. (Texte intégral)

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