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Dynamic of agricultural innovations diffusion in Burkina Faso. [P-4414-22]

Zongo B., Abdoulaye D., Barbier B., Thomas D.. 2015. In : Our Common Future under Climate Change. International scientific conference Abstract Book 7-10 July 2015. Paris, France. Paris : CFCC15, p. 734-734. Our Common Future under Climate Change, 2015-07-07/2015-07-10, Paris (France).

This study highlights the factors determining the spread of agricultural innovations for water harvesting since the drastic effects of drought 70s in Burkina Faso. These innovations include zaï, stone bunds, bunds land, halfmoons, mulching and grass strips. A survey of 629 farmers revealed that farmers fall into five categories which are the pioneer, early, latecomer, late and non-adopters. After four decades of diffusion (1974-2013) the rate is estimated at 69.3% for stone bunds, 49.1% for zaï, 26.2% for grass strips and less than 10% for half-moons, bunds land and mulching. The multinomial logit model showed that the climatic conditions in the Sahel zone, age and perception of increased dry spells of farm households promoted the spread of these innovations. However, the low level of organization and access to agricultural services were the major constraints to their adoption. (Texte intégral)

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