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Social consideration

Diaz-Chavez R., Morese M.M., Colangeli M., Fallot A., De Moraes M.A.F.D., Olényi S., Osseweijer P., Sibanda L.M., Mapako M.. 2015. In : Mendes Souza Glaucia (ed.), Victoria Reynaldo L . (ed.), Joly Carlos A. (ed.), Verdade Luciano M. (ed.). Bioenergy & Sustainability: bridging the gaps. Sao Paulo : SCOPE, p. 529-552. (SCOPE Series, 72).

This chapter reviews some of the key issues that relate to the social impacts of bioenergy supply chains at local, national and international levels, with a particular focus on food production and the implications for natural resources management. The review shows that data is available only for some topics and on some regions, and how, although some point to negative aspects in this relatively new sector, there also is positive data that demonstrates that bioenergy can contribute to social and economic improvements at local and national levels, given appropriate considerations and measures. The chapter introduces some of the main social issues discussed in the literature as well as providing background information on global policy framework. This is followed by a consideration of social benefits of bioenergy production, such as job creation, provision of training and skills development. Additional social and environmental impacts that result from the use of land, water and other natural resources for bioenergy production are then examined in relation to gender, food production, poverty reduction and land tenure. The final section discusses public perception of bioenergy production and the usefulness of public reporting of corporate sustainability. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : droit foncier; genre (femmes/hommes); santé publique; impact sur l'environnement; niveau de vie; emploi; législation; production alimentaire; gestion des ressources naturelles; Évaluation de l'impact; pauvreté; sociologie; bioénergie; production énergétique; filière

Thématique : Sources d'énergie renouvelable; Sociologie rurale et sécurité sociale; Population rurale; Législation; Travail et emploi; Nutrition humaine : considérations générales

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