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Potentiality of use extracts from Tetraclinis articulata like biocide against wood destroying organisms: Reticulitermes santonensis

El Hanbali F., Amusant N., Mellouki F., Akssira M., Baudassé C.. 2007. Wyoming : IRG, 8 p.. IRG Annual Meeting. 38, 2007-05-20/2007-05-24, Wyoming (Etats-Unis).

Screening trials were conducted to determine the antitermitic and antifungal properties of essential oil and methanolic extractives obtained from Tetraclinis articulata heartwood. Extract-treated cellulose pads were used to evaluate antitermitic activity and complete termite mortality was obtained with the essential oil: the threshold is situated under 5% (v/v). Standardised tests according European standard EN 118 allow validate the use of essential oil like biocide.

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