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Modeling of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) vegetative aerial architecture, example of two Tunisian cultivars

Gammoudi S., Ben Salah M., Lecoustre R.. 2013. In : Ressources phytogénétiques du Palmier dattier : état, caractérisation et défis de gestion. Djerba : IRA [Institut des Régions Arides], p. 79. Meeting International sur le Palmier Dattier. 1, 2013-04-15/2013-04-17, Djerba (Tunisie).

The present study was carried to verify the statistical relationships bet-ween the characteristic parameters in terms of vegetative aerial architecture of the date palms for simulating realistic 3D models. The vegetal material was composed of two Tunisians varieties of Phoenix dactylifera L., ¿Barhi¿ and ¿Rochdi¿. The observations are taken place in Gabes and on one pair of palms per main stem and offshoot for each cultivar. The analysis of the characteristic dimensions of the pinnae and nervure allowed the determination of a minimum sample. The geometrical analysis confirmed the existence of a strong correlation between rotation angles and radial angles. (Texte intégral)

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