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Water conflicts in tropical watersheds: hydroeconomic simulations of water sharing policies between upstream small private irrigators and downstream large public irrigation schemes in Burkina Faso

Rivaldo Kpadonou B.A., Barbier B., Wellens J., Sauret E., Zangré B.V.C.A.. 2015. Water International, 40 (7) : p. 1021-1039.

DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2015.1086876

A spatial hydroeconomic model was developed to analyze the competition between small private (SPIS) and large public (LPIS) irrigation systems for water control in tropical watersheds and applied to several water allocation policies in Kou watershed in Burkina Faso. Capital (cash and motorpumps) is the main constraining factor for SPIS expansion, and capital inflow accelerates SPIS development and reduces water flows for downstream LPIS users. As SPIS is more cost-effective and less water thirsty, LPIS needs to shift to less waterdemanding and high-value crops or adopt more water-saving practices. Otherwise, only a sharp rice yield increase in LPIS can justify a reserved water quota for downstream users.

Mots-clés : utilisation de l'eau; modèle économétrique; droit de l'eau; petite exploitation agricole; grande exploitation agricole; gestion des eaux; eau d'irrigation; irrigation; efficience d'utilisation de l'eau; financement; modèle mathématique; méthode d'irrigation; oryza sativa; burkina faso

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