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How climate change reshuffles the cards for agriculture

Torquebiau E., Tissier J., Grosclaude J.Y.. 2016. In : Torquebiau Emmanuel (ed.), Manley David (trad.), Cowan Paul (trad.). Climate change and agriculture worldwide. Heidelberg : Springer, p. 1-16.

Agriculture is affected by but also contributes to climate change. Agricultural risk may be local, impacting crops, or global, impacting food security. The agricultural sector accounts for 24%of greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation to and mitigation of climate change are two different responses that may be reconciled in climate-smart agriculture proposals. Developing countries will have more difficulty in adapting, as the changes will have a greater impact there than in developed countries. By around 2050, the majority of African countries will experience heretofore unknown climatic conditions on over half of their arable land. Appropriate public policies, institutions and funding are needed to increase the resilience and efficiency of agricultural production systems and implement the necessary changes. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : agriculture; changement climatique

Thématique : Agriculture - Considérations générales; Météorologie et climatologie

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