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Wood peeling process monitoring: A comparison of signal processing methods to estimate veneer average lathe check frequency

Denaud L., Bleron L., Eyma F., Marchal R.. 2012. European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 70 (1) : p. 253-261.

DOI: 10.1007/s00107-011-0549-8

Experienced peeling operators are able to adjust the settings of their device by hearing the sound coming from the process. Based on this idea, a research program was undertaken to evaluate the possibility of using acoustic or vibration measurements supplying a support decision system to assist untrained operators. The present paper deals with lathe check phenomenon which is one of the most critical defects of veneer (leading to handling difficulties, excess of glue consumption, poor veneer surface quality, etc.). Several signal processing techniques giving a spectral representation of sensors measurements are compared. Finally, an original procedure based on Power Spectral Density ratio is proposed to measure the average lathe check frequency of the veneer during the process.

Mots-clés : bois; Écorçage; propriété mécanique; mesure; vibration; propriété acoustique; bois lamelle; placage; défaut du bois; propriété physicochimique

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