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Valorisation of cotton germplasm collections, securing and developing exchanges in compliance with international agreements

Viot C., Maghnaoui N., Neirac C., Dessauw D., Bachelier B.. 2015. In : From farm to fabric: The many faces of cotton - Eighth Open session: International exchange of cotton germplasm. Mumbai : s.n., p. 1-5. Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee. 74, 2015-12-06/2015-12-11, Mumbai (Inde).

International treaties and national legislations organize and secure genetic resources exchanges,but, at the same time , they make them more and more complex and restrictive. Meanwhile, the exploration and exploitation of plant germplasm resources have become easier and cheaper with present - day high - throughput, low - cost genotyping technologies, efficient phenotyping systems, and powerful tools for bioinformatics and statistical analyses. Cotton genetic resources are more and more needed for continued progress in yield, fibre quality, pest resistance, adaptation to climate change and marginal environments. Many traits of high breeding value are present in the cotton germplasm resources, some being already exploited, some under intensive research efforts, and probably many others we can expect to be present. In the new regulatory context limiting or impeding germplasm exchanges, solutions for pursuing and developing the study, the valorisation and the protection of cotton germplasm collections can benefit from the new scientific tools and international cooperation.

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