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Wood specific gravity within tree trunk variation: the case study of Legumes representatives in French Guiana

Lehnebach R., Morel H., Amusant N., Griffon S., Barczi J.F., Beauchêne J., Nicolini E.A.. 2015. Tervuren : International Association of Wood Anatomists, 1 p.. Wood science underpinning tropical forest ecology and management, 2015-05-26/2015-05-29, Tervuren (Belgique).

Over the past decade, much attention has been devoted to the development of forest biomass estimation methods at a stand scale, leading to the establishment of allometric models (Chave, et al. 2014). These allometric equations use a unique wood specific gravity value (WSG) per species, but neglect the within tree variations of WSG found by others (Wiemann & Williamson, 1989). The main objectives of this study are to (1) illustrate the diversity of radial and vertical patterns of WSG variation within tree trunks belonging to different ecological groups (from pioneer to sciaphilic species) and to (2) develop an estimation method of trunk biomass taking into account WSG variations. We sampled 33 young trees (10

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