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From the GBA to the IPBES: a comparative analysis of science-policy interfaces for biodiversity

Hrabanski M., Pesche D.. 2015. Milan : ICPP, p. 1-21. International Conference on Public Policy. 2, 2015-07-01/2015-07-04, Milan (Italie).

Science-policy interfaces are key structures in any effort to understand the issues and dynamics involved in today's global environmental negotiations. This article draws on the concept of knowledge selection regimes to compare the evolution of three milestones in the field of biodiversity: the Global Biodiversity Assessment (1993-1995), the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2001-2005), and the recent Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) created in 2012. We analyse governance structure and the position accorded to the integration of diverse knowledge in each of these interfaces, and compare these elements to the transformations seen in the Intergovernmental Platform on Climate Change (IPCC). This comparative analysis shows that the knowledge selection regime for biodiversity has evolved in favour of a broader integration of non-scientific actors and knowledge, and that this openness corresponds to the growing position of indigenous peoples and developing countries in global negotiations.

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