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Antioxidant properties of essential oils extracted from three species of Moroccan juniperus

Satrani B., Ghanmi M., Mansouri N., Amusant N.. 2015. Environmental Science - An Indian Journal, 11 (7) : p. 239-247.

Essential oils from Juniperus thurifera, Juniperus oxycedrus and Juniperus phoenicea (Cupressaceae) collected in various areas in Morocco were extracted by hydrodistillation and analyzed by CG and CG/SM. Twenty-four components were identified in the essential oils from the branches of Juniperus thurifera, forty seven from Juniperus oxycedrus and twenty-six from Juniperus phoenicea. The majority components obtained are pinenes and especially ß-pinene (36.3%) for the essential oils from the branches of Juniperus thurifera and a-pinene for those of Juniperus oxycedrus (52.1%) and Juniperus phoenicea (64.2%). The antioxidant properties of oils were determined by the DPPH method and were compared to that found for the reference compound (BHT) and for other essential oils. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : juniperus oxycedrus; chromatographie en phase gazeuse; distillation; pinène; branche; antioxydant; huile essentielle; juniperus; maroc; juniperus phoenicea; juniperus thurifera

Thématique : Physiologie et biochimie végétales; Technologie des produits forestiers

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