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Promoting a mobile data collection system to improve HWC incident recording: a simple and handy solution for controlling problem animals in southern Africa

Le Bel S., Chavernac D., Stansfield F.. 2016. In : Angelici Francesco M. (ed.). Problematic wildlife: a cross-disciplinary approach. s.l. : Springer International Publishing, p. 395-411.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-22246-2_19

Human¿Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is inevitable where humans and wildlife share the same habitat and its limited resources. Mitigation packages include HWC reporting, but this is often ineffective as the information conveyed is generally scattered and inadequate. A new coping strategy has been developed with a view to limiting HWC and avoiding incident peaks at certain periods. The booming mobile phone sector and the popular use of text messages have provided an opportunity to assess the impact of real-time communication systems in HWC mitigation strategies. Preliminary tests were conducted in Mozambique and Zimbabwe with FrontlineSMS, a mobile data collection system. The overall system can be improved by using an Android application such as KoBoCollect on a smartphone enabling easier recording of georeferenced data. Once adopted, HWC early warning systems could be deployed at low cost, improving the global management and conservation of flagship species involved in HWC, such as the elephant.

Mots-clés : faune; animal sauvage; genre humain; interactions biologiques; système d'information; système d'alerte rapide; communication; conservation des ressources; Éléphant d'afrique; afrique australe; zimbabwe

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