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Effects of harvest frequency on leaf biomass and triterpenoid content of Centella asiatica (L.) Urb from Madagascar

Rahajanirina V., Faramalala M.H., Roger E., Zebrowski C., Leong Pock Tsy J.M., Danthu P.. 2016. Journal of Medical and Biological Science Research, 2 (1) : p. 1-8.

Centella asiatica, is a wild plant used extensively for its healing properties. In order to establish a rational management, the present study evaluates the effects of time and rate of collection on biomass yield and content of active ingredients. Six collection frequencies were considered (monthly, bi monthly, quarterly, four-monthly, semi-annual and annual). This study shows that the yield of leaf biomass and content of active ingredients vary seasonally according to rainfall, increasing during the rainy season (November to April).The reconstruction of the biomass is maximal if collections are spaced at least three to four months apart. The annual recurrence of repetitive collections causes a loss of productivity of leaf biomass, is significant in the second year of operation. These results offer the best compromise between least effort required for gathering by farmers and greatest yield of biomass and active material, advocating a rate of quarterly collection during the rainy season.

Mots-clés : apiaceae; pratique culturale; récolte; feuille; variation saisonnière; biomasse; triterpénoïde; composition chimique; rendement des cultures; facteur climatique; date de récolte; plante médicinale; madagascar; centella asiatica

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